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If you want to optimize the output of your air conditioning during warmer weather, there are a few things that you can do. Plus, utilize some simple practices to make your HVAC system more efficient, too- which may save you money on energy bills. Make the most of your Bay Area HVAC on hot days with these tips: 

Find the Perfect Temperature  

Studies show that the optimal temperature for productivity in a work setting is around 77-degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal sleep temperature, according to some experts is between 65F and 72F, depending on personal preferences. East Bay HVAC professionals suggest consumers heed this when moving on to the next tip.   

Set It and Forget It 

Do you have a programmable thermostat? This is a must when you want to control the climate inside, and conserve energy costs. Insiders recommend that you set the HVAC to around 80+ degrees when you are not home, adjusting it when you return. Avoid setting your unit to under 68-degrees, or you risk freezing and harming the unit’s compressor.  

Speed Things Up 

So, you return home to a sweltering 85-degrees inside… what do you do? Start by opening facing windows to let out some of the heat and hot air. Got a fan? This is even better, as you can use it to blow the air out. Next to another open window, have a fan to circulate the cooler outdoor air in. After you have gotten the air circulated, you can adjust and lower your air conditioning setting.  

Dry It Out  

The heat is far more tolerable when it is dry rather than humid. Remember this and dehumidify your home, as needed. You can create a much cooler home environment when you use a dehumidifier and your air conditioning units together. By pulling the moisture from the air, your home- or other environment- can feel up to 10-degrees cooler on a hot day; try it!  

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Do you live in a warm climate? If so, you likely rely and depend on your air conditioning to do its job well. Use these tips to make the most of your HVAC system on hot days- and talk to a Bay Area air conditioning professional at BA Morrison, a building and HVAC contracting company, to learn more. Contact us here anytime

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