Air Scrubber by Aerus

Whether you want single-room surface and air purification or need it home-wide, Air Scrubber has you covered. Utilizing advanced ActivePure® technology, Air Scrubber installs directly into any residential or commercial HVAC system. It has proven its effectiveness at eliminating viruses, mold, bacteria, and fungi on surfaces and in the air.

The numerous benefits include:

  • Protects your family from harmful contaminants and pollution in the environment
  • Prevents dust and dirt buildup
  • No cleaning required, and virtually no maintenance
  • Reduces odors and visible smoke in the air
  • Discreet design

Safe for humans & pets, and used in homes around the world every day, Air Scrubber is the most advanced surface and air purification technology ever produced. Discover the benefits today and see how clean your air can be. Contact us here!

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