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Do you know the signs that your HVAC system needs to be looked at by a professional? Catching issues early may help to avoid pricey repair bills or untimely replacement costs. Talk to a Bay Area heating and cooling company to learn more.

Seven signs that your HVAC system needs attention are:

Higher Energy Bills

How are your energy bills? If you notice large fluctuations or increase in what it costs to heat and cool your home, you could have an issue with your HVAC system. Schedule an inspection and tune-up right away; delaying action will cost you more in monthly bills, but may also cause pricey repairs.

Poor Air Flow

Put your hand over one of the HVAC vents in the home: how is the air flow? Poor air flow could be a sign of a problem- like a clogged filter or faulty fan. Schedule an inspection and tune-up to get to the bottom of the issue before it burns out the system.

Loud Noises or Strange Sounds

If you hear strange or unusual sounds coming from the furnace, you could need the help of an HVAC professional. Loud banging sounds are usually a sign of a problem- the sooner you act, the better the outcome will be.

Frequent Problems

Do you often experience problems or need repairs with your system? This is another indication that you need an HVAC intervention. It could be that it is time to consider replacing the current HVAC system for a more energy-efficient, newer one.

Efficacy and Efficiency Issues

If your system simply doesn’t perform like it used to, it is time to talk to an East Bay HVAC pro. If the system needs to work harder to cool or heat the home, it could benefit from a professional tune-up.

An Aged System

If your system is over ten years old and you begin to have problems, it could be time to cut your losses and replace the system. Most HVAC systems are intended to last about this time, ten years on average, though with vigilant maintenance and attention, you could get many more years than that.

Contact the Best Castro Valley HVAC Contractor for Help

If it has been a year or more since your last HVAC inspection or tune-up, call to schedule an appointment with BA Morrison, an East Bay HVAC professional. Deal with these signs or symptoms soon- or risk costly repairs later. Call your East Bay heating and cooling professional to learn more.

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