East Bay HVAC Maintenance Tips for Dust

Every home comes equipped with a built-in tool for reducing dust: Our Bay Area HVAC customers are often delighted to learn that their homes’ HVAC system doubles as a dust-fighting weapon. This post looks at a few ways you can help your HVAC system remove the most dust possible. As a bonus, these methods may also cut down on other contaminants like pollen.

Frequent Filter Changes

Changing your home’s air filter on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do to tackle dust. The air filter helps a home’s occupants by catching airborne particles and removing them from circulation, and it helps the HVAC system by reducing the amount of power needed to move air through the home. The latter can extend an HVAC unit’s life span and reduce energy bills. A good guideline is to change your filter every one to three months, but you can experiment to find the optimal changing interval for your home. For instance, a homeowner with shedding pets will likely want to change their filter frequently.

Invest in Higher MERV Filters

Another step you can take to improve your indoor air quality is purchasing air filters with high MERV ratings. MERV stands for the Minimum Efficient Reporting Value, which rates filters based on the size of the particles they are able to catch. The smaller the particles a filter can catch, the higher its MERV rating. A higher MERV rating corresponds to a higher ability to clean the air.

Consider an Electric Air Cleaner

Electric air cleaners supplement HVAC systems by acting as another line of defense against airborne pollutants. They can be a worthwhile investment, and they’re especially worth considering if seasonal events in your area cause air quality issues. For example, while pollen spikes can cause some East Bay HVAC systems to have to deal with more pollutants than usual, an electric air cleaner may help.

Run the Fan after Cleaning

Cleaning your home can be a refreshing act, but it can also kick up dust and other contaminants into the air. Luckily, by turning your HVAC system’s fan on for a bit, you can essentially automate the removal of contaminants from the air.

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