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Bay Area Heating and Air Specialists Explain Troubleshooting Options

Like all elements of your home, HVAC systems require periodic attention to keep operating at peak levels. To help your HVAC system remain at its best, our East Bay HVAC company recommends the following five techniques, which can help you determine potential causes of problems.

Take a Look at Your Thermostat

If your HVAC system is acting up, the fix may be as simple as setting your thermostat to the proper setting. For instance, a thermostat that is accidentally set to cooling mode may not activate when heating is called for.

Watch Out for Obstructed or Leaking Air

Airflow blockages may be behind bizarre behavior an HVAC unit exhibits. Check for dirty air filters and blocked vents, as either issue may cause problems with your unit’s airflow. Air leaks, too, may cause issues.

Examine the Evaporator Coil

An underperforming HVAC system could be having issues with its evaporator coil. For instance, ice accumulation may result from clogged airflow. If you see ice on your evaporator coil, it’s probably time to call professional help to handle the problem. The same goes for if you notice that your evaporator coil has become dirty.

Monitor the Cycling

You can observe the cycling of your air conditioner to determine if there is a problem with its size. For instance, a unit that is too big will turn on and off quite frequently, adding strain to its parts. Meanwhile, one that is too small will cycle and remain on for an abnormally long time, likewise causing strain.

Watch for Leaks

Leaks from your A/C unit may point to one of several problems, all of which can escalate into potentially more expensive issues. As an example, your drain pan may be cracked and in need of repair or replacement, or the air filter may be clogged. Likewise, the condenser line may have developed a clog, too—an issue our Bay Area HVAC technicians see from time to time.

Get Help From Our Local Bay Area Heating & Air Experts

Any time your HVAC system needs to be repaired, it’s advisable to hire an experienced East Bay HVAC professional. For best results, talk to our Bay Area air conditioning specialists by contacting us online here.

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