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Home renovations can make your place both more enjoyable and more valuable. Read on and you will find some of the best value-boosting projects an East Bay general contractor can help you with, plus general tips on the process.

Touch Up the Paint

For a small-budget project with big results, look no further than painting your home. New paint instantly revives any room.

Appeal to a Broad Audience

While painting is a great idea, if you’re hoping to sell or rent your home out, try to stick with colors that appeal to a broad audience. Neutral and earthy tones will help keep your pool of potential buyers/renters large.

Boost the Lights

Updating the lighting in a room can make the rest of its elements sparkle. And touches like under-cabinet LED lighting add both flair and practicality to a space.

Revamp the Kitchen

Kitchens get a lot of use, so upgrades to one can make any home more enticing. A refreshed kitchen is a great selling point, and these projects are endlessly versatile; for instance, one Castro Valley kitchen remodeling project might focus on cabinets and countertops, while another might involve updates to lighting, paint, and other elements. A third could involve a complete revamp.

Revamp the Bathroom

Bathrooms, like kitchens, see a lot of use, so upgrading yours can pay off greatly. Options here include redoing the grout and improving the lighting fixtures.

Install Fan

Fans are a pleasant addition to a room, as they help with air circulation. New models do so in a quiet manner while keeping a house or apartment more comfortable.

Steal Ideas

When it comes to renovation projects, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of idea thievery. Feel free to research homes for sale or rent in your area, and then swipe any ideas you find appealing.

Ask for Advice

When planning a project, it’s always good to get professional guidance. For instance, if you’re considering a Bay Area kitchen remodeling project, the area’s real estate experts and contractors can give you advice on how to get the most return on your investment.

Get Professional Help

There are many projects that are not feasible for even skilled do-it-yourselfers. That’s why for more involved undertakings, we recommend hiring a professional crew with the experience and equipment needed for an on-time, safely completed project.

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