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This Fall, do something around your home that brings a fresh look and new appeal to your property. Consider basic renovation tips for Fall that can spruce-up living spaces for the coming cooler weather. Here are 10 Fall home renovation ideas for homeowners:

An integral part of any Bay Area Kitchen remodel is the cabinetry; make Fall the time to warm-up and enhance your kitchen space. Consider repurposing older cabinets for use in other rooms of the house- including bathrooms.

Since custom cabinets can be costly, it pays to speak with a Castro Valley building contractor about cost-effective options, including recycled fixtures or updating existing cabinetry instead of replacement.

Warm-up a home with fresh flooring. While hardwood may be your choice, remember that inexpensive laminates can replicate the look of different flooring at a fraction of the cost. Consider easy-to-clean tile options, too.

Liven things up with a fresh coat of paint- inside and out! For the look of fresh paint on the outside of your home, consider inexpensive pressure washing services, instead. Inside, the season’s trendiest color palette includes gray, taupe, and vanilla.

Got a half bath for guests? If not, consider the return on your investment to put in a second- or third- bath for guests. It can enhance the value of a home or rental significantly.

Don’t forget about your property’s curb appeal; do something special with your landscaping this Fall. Artificial turf is trendy right now and is an easy way to have a lush, beautiful lawn without the labor.

Do something for your home that keeps it safe and secure. Enhance current security systems and alarms. Consider installing your home security camera, or buy a simple doorbell cam available widely.

With the changing of the seasons, change-up your lighting, too. During cooler months, buy warm bulbs for your ambient and task lamps; during hot weather, buy cooler, blue-tinged bulbs. Remember that LED saves money over time, burning cooler and longer than traditional light bulbs and fixtures.

Change the color scheme of the home to suit the season. Since gray, taupe, and vanilla are popular right now, consider implementing a similar scheme into your interiors. Start small- like in a bathroom- to see how it feels.

There is great potential for return on money spent when owners put attention and resources into upgrading the home’s bathrooms. If you are thinking about selling later, remember that potential buyers look at bathrooms closely when making purchase decisions. Upgrade, update, or renovate your bathroom this Fall!

Putting money into your kitchen also makes sense. Buyers like high-end finishes when looking at real estate, so consider this when revamping your own culinary space.

Use these tips for fall renovations and upgrades that not only improve the value of your home, but that enhance everyday life. Talk to an East Bay building contractor at BA Morrison, for an estimate and more information. Contact us here.

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