Bay Area Remodeling Projects With Low Budgets And Great Results

For many homeowners, the words kitchen remodeling bring to mind hefty bills and complicated projects. However sprucing up your kitchen doesn’t need to be costly or daunting with these tips from our East Bay kitchen remodeling experts.

Use Personal Items

Have personal items you’re not sure what to do with? You can incorporate them into your kitchen’s décor. For instance, if you have a favorite hobby, outdated tools from pursuing it can be repurposed into a nice touch. As an example; old wrenches mounted in a tinkerer’s kitchen or worn-out scissors and knitting needles placed around the borders of a knitter’s cabinets.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Though more costly upfront than many of the ideas on this list, upgrading your appliances can deliver savings on your utility and water bills over the long run. Today’s most energy efficient appliances cost less than $5 a month to operate, and efficient dishwashers likewise can reduce your home’s water usage.

Install a New Sink and Faucet

Chances are, you use your sink and faucet every day. If they’re starting to show wear from years of use, consider investing in new ones. Compared to full remodeling projects, a new sink-and-faucet installation can be a much cheaper way to give your kitchen a boost. Plus, you can pick a combo that perfectly matches your needs and desired aesthetic.


Painting is an inexpensive way to breathe fresh life into older elements of a home. Many Castro Valley contractors will tell you that cabinets, for example, may need nothing more than a zesty coat of paint to appear reinvigorated and new once again.

Upgrade the Lights

Are the lights in your kitchen old and dingy? Fresh lighting fixtures and bulbs won’t break the bank but will brighten your kitchen. Modern LEDs are a great way to go: They are available in a wide variety of color temperatures, meaning you can go for an energizing or relaxing vibe, and they, like new appliances, are much more efficient than their older cousins.

Our East Bay General Contractors Are Here To Help

Careful planning can help you avoid rework and costly mid-project changes in strategy. Especially if your ideas require multiple steps, consider consulting with Bay Area general contractors or professionals near you regarding your project’s budget and needs. Contact the experts at B.A. Morrison here to learn more today!

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