Kitchen Remodeling and Home Renovation in 2021

Ring in the new year with some cool and contemporary renovation trends that will enhance your home and set the tone for the year to come. These trends promise to be prominent in 2021- increasing your home’s value while also improving quality of everyday life. Talk to a Bay Area building contractor for information and estimates on these projects at your property.

Look for these 10 home renovation trends coming in the new year:

Sconce lighting is chic- and energy efficient, too. Anchor sconces around your range or stove for a cool retro look that also provides great workspace illumination.

Multizone kitchens are the home organizer’s dream! First, they provide a dedicated space for everything that you do in the kitchen, and second, they often are useful in creating space in smaller or challenging rooms. Talk to an East Bay Kitchen remodeling contractor to learn more.

Bathroom upgrades are key in the coming year. Homeowners are spending more time at home and seeking privacy wherever they can get it; for many, that is the bathroom. Consider elements like a soaking tub, rainfall shower heads, and amenities like drink-holders and electronics charging stations.

Warm neutrals are the comforting, calming colors to choose in 2021- for all the rooms in the home.

Larger tile patterns are chic and can give the impression of a larger, more-vast surface area. Try them in a shower stall or behind the counters.

Eye appeal is everything these days. Since so many work from home, it is often necessary to be presentable- even at home. Great visual aesthetics, architectural elements, and intriguing wall coverings are projects to consider.

Home office space is not just something homeowners want- it is something they need. Carving out private space to get work done is not always easy; a contractor can construct clever solutions and configurations to make the most of what your home has.

Privacy is the trend of the coming year; after all, who isn’t tired of being cooped up inside with the entire household? Creating private personal space is the trend- achieve it with renovations that focus on nooks and niches.

Pergolas are a fantastic way of making something magical in your outdoor space- but without a lot of investment. These structures offer shade and shelter but are easily implemented or constructed in a couple days.

Extended outdoor living space makes sense during these times of limited outings and social distancing. Can’t go out? Create an outdoor oasis that will be perfect for entertaining when the pandemic passes.

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Talk to a Bay Area general contractor, BA Morrison, to learn more about home renovation projects and design ideas that you want to materialize in 2021. From a more functional kitchen to a home workspace with privacy, the theme this year revolves around simply spending more time at home. Make it as convenient and comfortable as it can be with these renovation ideas.

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