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After living in your home for some time, you may find it necessary to update the space to match your changing preferences or circumstances. It is important to know the common signs that the house requires remodeling so you can act in good time and hire the best East Bay building contractor. Here are 12 signs that your home needs an update:

Too much or too little free space
If some of your family members have moved away recently, your house may feel empty. On the other hand, a growing family may end up having insufficient free space. Updating the home will help to ensure it meets your needs.

The floor gives way
Damaged floor surfaces are another clear sign that your home needs to be updated. Flooring issues are likely to start in the kitchen and bathroom, where constant exposure to moisture may lead to tiles being displaced. Once you install new floors, make sure you protect them from damage to extend their lifespan.

The state of the bathroom
The fixtures in the bathroom can help to establish the state of the entire house. If your bathroom is not in good shape, consider updating the room transforming its appearance and make it more functional.

Appearance of the façade
Over time, paint on the exterior surfaces will fade or start chipping. Depending on the appearance of the façade, you can either repaint the walls or renovate the exterior to boost curb appeal.

A termite infestation
Termites prey on wooden structures, causing great damage that can affect the structural integrity of a building. Signs of a termite infestation are indicators that your home may need extensive renovations.

A leaking roof
A leaking roof is one of the common sources of water damage. If your roof inspection reveals missing shingles or dislocated flashings, it may be time to repair or replace the roof. When your home desperately needs remodeling, you can consider applying for a home improvement loan.

An outdated structure
You may need to update your home simply because it is outdated. Modernizing your home will involve changing accessories such as bathtubs, door handles, shower fixtures, railings, and faucets. Updating the home will improve both its appearance and functionality.

Flickering lights
The electrical system covers different areas of your house, making it a reliable indicator of the state of the structure. Black spots on old incandescent light bulbs, flickering lights, and other electrical issues are signs that you need to carry out major repairs.

Problems with doorknobs and door handles
Squeaking sounds from your doors that occur even after lubrication may point to a bigger problem. If the problem gets worse, the doorknob may fail completely, leading to people getting jammed in rooms.

Non-functional spaces
While you may have enough space in your home, the spaces may not be functional. A remodeling project that takes into account your lifestyle will help to make rooms more functional. Hiring an experienced Bay Area kitchen remodeling company will ensure you achieve great results.

Emotional attachment
Some family members are likely to be less adjustable to change and may end up resisting the remodeling project. To ensure that you update your home successfully, you should prioritize functionality over emotions. Depending on the circumstances, you should hire a contractor or architect to handle the project on your behalf.

Life on standby
There is a good chance that remodeling your home will lead to significant disruptions in your daily lives. Depending on the type of update involved, you should be ready to seek alternative accommodation until the construction work is complete. It will also be important to explain this to other members of your family before the remodeling exercise starts.

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This list is by no means exhaustive. There are many more indicators you can look out for to determine whether the home needs beautifying. In the end, you should consider hiring a reliable Castro Valley general contractor to ensure quality work.

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