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If you’ve ever carried out any home remodeling project, you probably know the anxiety and uncertainty that accompanies them. Starting a kitchen remodel project without proper planning could end up compromising on the outcome. Keeping in mind that the average cost of a kitchen remodel project is $100 to $250 for every square foot, you should adequately prepare for the same. This will also help you function while the renovation continues.

1. Know the kitchen remodel timeline

The amount of time your kitchen will be off-limits largely depends on its size and the scope of the renovation project. This helps you know whether there will be parts of the kitchen that are available for use, or if the entire area will be unavailable.

2. Pack your stuff

Most home remodeling projects are messy, and kitchen remodels are no exception. Along with your utensils and appliances, pack away any framed photos, window treatments, mirrors, and anything else that might get damaged.

3. Set up a temporary kitchen

Find a different area in your home where you can set up essentials such as a microwave, coffee pot, toaster, and your fridge. If it’s impossible to move your fridge, consider getting a mini-fridge where you can store all your essentials.

4. Plan your meals in advance

Simply because your kitchen is out-of-bounds does not mean you shouldn’t enjoy home-cooked meals. In the days leading up to the kitchen remodel projects, prepare and freeze meals that are easy to reheat in your microwave. These may include casseroles and soups.

5. Consider using disposable utensils

Stocking up on disposable cups, plates, spoons, and other utensils save you from having to worry about washing them after the meal. Luckily, there are plenty of recyclable and biodegradable options in the market today.

6. Consider your pet(s)

Any home improvement has the same effect on your four-legged friend as it has on you. Or maybe more. Also, it may be hazardous if your pet finds its way to the construction zone. For these reasons, you might want to let your pet stay with a friend for the duration of your kitchen remodel project.

7. If you can, spend some time away from the house

If you are comfortable with the remodeling taking place in your absence, get out of town. This might be the perfect opportunity to take that family or business trip you have been putting off for a while.

8. Keep your mind on the result

No matter how good your contractor is or how well you are prepared, there are days you will not see any progress. It’s easy to feel overly anxious or overwhelmed during such times. Avoid second-guessing yourself by keeping your mind on the anticipated outcome.

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