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Kitchen Remodeling and Home Renovation is a Must in 2020

The year 2020 is upon us, and like every new year, this one will bring certain home renovation trends. This post goes over some of the major trends that will keep remodeling companies and DIY-minded homeowners busy in the near future.

A Focus on Wellness
Homeowners are expected to place an increased emphasis on wellness. To that end, nontoxic materials are one ingredient that Bay Area kitchen remodeling projects are going to include more of in 2020. Other wellness-based influences will be the inclusion of air purification systems and lighting that works with people’s circadian rhythms.

Long-Term Cost Savings
Another trend will be an increase in projects that have the goal of delivering long-term cost savings. For example, a Castro Valley general contractor might install better insulation on a home during a renovation project. Other measures include smart lighting systems, the installation of more efficient HVAC systems, and even roofing upgrades.

Tiles, Seating, and Vanities in Bathrooms
Marisa Spyker, writing for Southern Living, highlights three 2020 trends related to bathrooms. One is the inclusion of double floating vanities, which are ideal for making smaller spaces look bigger and keeping floor space free. Another selling point is their sleek, minimal appearance.

Those considering bathroom renovations may also hire an East Bay building contractor to install a window seat or room for other types of seating. That’s because the second bathroom trend identified by Spyker is the inclusion of more seating in bathrooms, which can make a bathroom more comfortable and utilitarian. The final bathroom trend Spyker mentions is the installation of tiled bathtub aprons. These can give the appearance of any bathtub a stylish boost.

While not necessarily a trend specifically related to 2020, expect this year to see homeowners and renovation professionals alike continue to make creative use of paint. The editors of Better Homes & Gardens have compiled a list of predictions about which colors will be standouts in 2020. Among other colors, they expect 2020 to be a big year for classic blue, navy blue, and chartreuse. A recurrent theme in their predictions is a trend toward colors to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.

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