home entry way makeover for better curb appeal

Bay Area Remodeling Projects With Low Budgets And Great Results

Home improvement projects do not have to be expensive. Contrary to what many homeowners believe, these projects can involve minor alterations that are meant to fix and update things around the house. Here are a few do-it-yourself projects that will not require an East Bay building contractor or break the bank.

1. Front-entry makeover
The front entry matters a lot since it forms guests’ first impressions. Some of the steps you can take to enhance your front entry include creating a custom walkway, replacing the front door, elevating the architecture, and adding a fresh coat of paint on the various surfaces.

2. Update the bathroom
Another area you may want to focus on is the bathroom. Since this is one of the most heavily trafficked rooms, it is important to keep it clean and free from water issues. In addition to retiling the floor and painting the walls, you can add new light fixtures and accessories such as towel bars to modernize the room and make it more functional.

3. Fix up the kitchen
Your do-it-yourself Bay Area kitchen remodeling exercise should include a kitchen redo. If you are not able to replace dated cabinets, you should think of installing new drawers and door pulls to modernize the cabinet fronts. Apart from adding visual appeal, repairing broken shelves, fixing leaking faucets, repainting dirty walls, and installing a granite counter top will increase functionality.

4. Increase storage
You do not have to renovate closets or have built-ins to create additional storage space. Temporary solutions for extra storage will be a cost-effective and bold change to your interior design. You can also add shelves to dead spaces and also create storage space under the stairs.

5. Custom ceiling coffers
Custom ceiling coffers will ensure your living room looks bright and modern. Apart from being affordable, this design will create the illusion of space in your rooms and add texture. Choosing a custom design will allow you to add personality to your space and express your unique style.

6. Trimmed-out living room
Upgrading architectural details and trim will go far in helping to improve your home décor. Add distinction with crown molding, use picture-frame wainscoting to add elegance, add lighting fixtures, and use trim to scale down space.

7. Create a nook space
Making your space functional may require that you create a nook. You can convert the space under the stairs, the attic, your basement, or hallway into a cozy and comforting space for reading, sleeping, eating, or relaxing.

Our East Bay General Contractors Are Here To Help

Whether you are working with a shoestring budget or are simply interested in making minor changes, you should ensure that the projects work for you. You can also consult an experienced East Bay general contractor for more low-cost, high-impact home improvement project ideas. Contact the experts at B.A. Morrison here to learn more today!

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