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Remodeling or updating the kitchen is a great way to add value and function to a home. Avoid hiring a layman or doing it on your own- kitchen remodeling merits the skills and expertise of a Castro Valley Kitchen remodeling professional. Before you hire a contractor and begin your kitchen remodeling projects, ask and consider the following:

Is the Bay Area general contractor bonded and insured?
Never let someone who is not bonded and insured by the state complete work on your kitchen remodel, and this extends to subcontractors, too. Check licensure and client feedback- it is easy to do online.

Can you get it in-writing?
Ask if you will be provided with a dated blueprint prior to commencing on remodeling projects. In fact, everything between you, the contractor, and the architect should be documented in-writing. The days of a handshake agreement are long over; a contract protects everyone’s interests.

Who are the subcontractors?
Make sure that your Bay Area contractor provides you with a list of everyone that will be involved in the kitchen project. From carpenters and painters to specialty subcontractors, you need their company name and contract info, as well as to know that they are insured and bonded.

What’s your opinion?
While your contractor probably has a very good idea of what you, the client, want, have you thought to ask them for their expert opinion? They may have input or design ideas that you have not yet thought of- and that could be perfect for your project.

Any available discounts?
Go ahead and ask your contractor about trade discounts that could save you a few bucks. If choosing appliances from a particular vendor or opting for a different type of flooring will make a significant impact on your budget, be open to it to save money. Also, inquire whether seeking out your own discount fixtures, like appliances or lighting, to curb costs will work and if the contractor is open to this.

When will you meet?
It makes sense to know upfront when and how often you will meet with your contractor regarding the kitchen renovation. Depending on the extent of the project, you should have a face-to-face meeting with the contractor to check progress once a week, at the very least.

How to keep in touch?
Ask your primary contractor about the best way to keep in touch; email? Phone call? This can alleviate frustration later.

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