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Every year sees new trends emerge, but some home improvement projects prove to be more enduring than others. In this article, you’ll learn what projects our Bay Area kitchen remodeling company expects to be busy with in the near future and why they can have a lasting impact on your space.

Countertop Upgrades

Countertops are a common target of many kitchen renovation projects, and with good reason: New countertops make a huge part of the kitchen look better. Additionally, new materials can be easier to clean than the worn-down countertops they’re replacing, thus making the kitchen more functional and enjoyable.

Kitchen Island Installation

Installing a kitchen island is a “perfect value-added improvement,” according to This Old House, and Bay Area building contractors like us agree. That’s because kitchen islands add storage space plus a new prep and dining surface. And islands made from the right materials will enhance your home for many years to come.

Open Shelving

New shelves are a component of many East Bay kitchen remodeling projects—and the payoff is often huge. For example, many homeowners are surprised at how open shelving can make their kitchen feel bigger and be more convenient to use.

New Lighting Options

New lighting can help illuminate all of the other great features of your kitchen. For instance, hanging lights over your kitchen island can add a dash of flair, while recessed lighting near cabinets can save room while boosting brightness. Additionally, installing dimmers can let you seamlessly transform the space from being bright and stimulating in the morning to more relaxing and calm in the evening. While you’re at it, consider shifting to LED lighting if you haven’t already: These bulbs are energy-efficient and long-lasting, especially compared to older options.

New Cabinet Doors

Looking for a cost-effective method for improving your kitchen? Consider new cabinet doors. Even long-lasting, durable cabinet doors can be relatively inexpensive. Plus, if you want them to be, new cabinets are one of the most striking changes you can make to a kitchen, given that cabinets tend to be relatively prominent elements of the space. Alternatively, options are available if you want more understated cabinets, too.

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