Bay Area Remodeling Projects With Great Returns

Real estate is a great investment if you are willing to put time and energy into your property. If you’ve bought a fixer-upper to resale, here are five ways to make wise improvements to get the most for your money when you’re making renovations.

Think Like a Buyer
Don’t over-customize a home that you’re simply going to sell, not live in. Go with clean, modern, neutral tones and décor so that buyers can visualize themselves in the setting. Keep the theme through the home. Work on the most expensive systems first, such as roofing, plumbing, electrical and HVAC. Homebuyers don’t want to have to come into a new home and immediately fix up these things.

Work With the Neighborhood
When a home is overbuilt, it can be difficult to sell. Think about other real estate in the neighborhood before making too many improvements. Landscaping, pool and paint color will affect the resale value. Consult a Bay Area contractor for more information.

Make Incremental Changes
Don’t make too many improvements to the home. Let the new buyer handle minor renovations. Your Castro Valley general contractor can help you figure out which improvements make the most sense.

Invest in Visible Improvements
New tile and flooring throughout the house can be a better upgrade than technology that is wired in. Homebuyers are more visual than you realize. Put your money into lighting, carpet and bathrooms that will bring in buyers and get the home sold. Don’t forget the exterior but use your money wisely. Landscaping changes may not be a good investment, but you should at least keep the gardens clean.

Documentation Is Key
Keep records for all upgrades. Document any improvements. Make sure you have the warranty for the roof and any other work that will transfer to the new owner. Having this information can help shore up your resale price and make the buyer feel more secure in signing a contract. This is one of the many reasons to hire qualified East Bay general contractors.

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Ready to embark on your next home improvement project? Consider these suggestions when talking with your Bay Area building contractor and HVAC company, BA Morrison. Make improvements to your home that enhance the investment qualities of your property. Contact us here anytime!

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