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Sometimes, the choice of whether to repair or replace an HVAC system is pretty cut and dry: Perhaps the system is relatively new and just needs a tune-up, or maybe the system is clearly at the end of the line. But other times, the choice isn’t so easy, which is why our East Bay HVAC company has put together this list of questions that may help you decide.

Are the Components Old?

While HVAC systems can last a long period of time with proper maintenance, no system can go on forever. For instance, most air conditioning units will begin to fail after about 10 to 15 years. A unit that begins to develop repeated problems and is within that age bracket may need to be replaced. But one that is younger and otherwise has worked well likely just needs a repair.

Are Your Energy Bills Spiking?

If your utility bills have spiked beyond what you’d normally expect, an underperforming, aged heating or cooling system may be to blame. An East Bay air conditioning pro can help you figure out if repairs will help bring your bills down, or if a replacement is the way to go here.

Will You Be in the Home for Long?

Another consideration is how much longer you intend to stay in the home. If the system is clearly failing, but you hope to attract buyers for the home soon, you may need to replace it. But if the system is doing OK aside from occasional hiccups, and you plan to move soon, then holding off on replacing the unit makes more sense. Meanwhile, for homeowners who intend to remain in their home for a long time, the scale tips more toward replacing a failing unit.

Is Your Unit the Right Size?

Sometimes, an air conditioning unit’s size—not condition or age—is the problem, meaning it should be replaced with a properly sized alternative. An undersized unit, for instance, may struggle to cool your home, regardless of whether it’s in good working order. Bay Area HVAC workers can be a good source of advice here.

How Much Will Each Option Cost?

Finally, the project’s cost can be a great determiner of whether to repair or replace the unit. For instance, if the cost of repairs will be close to the cost of replacement, then replacing the unit often makes more financial sense.

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The above steps are a good starting point, but for even better results, consider contacting a professional HVAC company for a customized plan and services. In the Bay Area, BA Morrison is ready to serve that need, so contact us here anytime!

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