Bay Area Heating and Air Specialists Explain HVAC Servicing

If you want to stay cool in the hot California summer, it is imperative that you regularly service your HVAC. Ask any Bay Area air conditioning professional and they will recommend that you service between seasons, so you can maximize its performance and enjoy your properly service HVAC system. Consider these 5 reasons why you should service your East Bay HVAC

  1. Efficiency 

Anyone who lives in the region can attest, you want your East Bay air conditioning unit to be efficient. Otherwise, you will be paying a lot more to cool your home. When the HVAC system is maintained regularly, it works smoother- and doesn’t need to work as hard to do its job. Clean and change the filter as recommended, too, and reduce your energy use significantly, in some cases, by over 15%.  

  1. Longevity 

When your HVAC is not cleaned and maintained, the system and its components become dirty, greasy, and covered with dust. This will take a toll on how your system performs. In fact, the system will need to work harder to cool your home which may shorten its lifespan.  

  1. Performance 

Does it ever feel like your HVAC simply is not working as well as it should? It could be a dirty filter. Dirty filters can cause issues with how your HVAC system performs. Routine servicing helps eliminate this issue- keeping it working as it should! 

  1. Costs  

A lot of times, it comes down to what you pay to stay cool. Certainly, you do not want to pay more than you have to for this necessary expense. Since a more efficient HVAC uses less energy to operate, it is going to cost you less each month in utility bills. Some consumers may pay around 20% more in energy costs due to a poorly maintained system, according to industry experts.  

  1. Comfort 

If you want to be comfortable and stay cool in the hot California climate, you need to service your HVAC regularly. A mismanaged or poorly operating HVAC is not going to properly manage humidity levels, which also impact how cool the air inside is. Talk to your air conditioning technician to learn more.  

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