Bay Area Heating and Air Specialists Explain Their Tips

Want to stay cooler this summer season? Make sure that you are maximizing the potential of your HVAC unit during warmer weather with some common-sense strategies and suggestions, from Castro Valley Air conditioning experts.

Five HVAC tips  to stay cool this summer are:


Call an Industry Professional

Call on an East Bay air conditioning professional when your HVAC unit doesn’t seem to be working as it should. A quick inspection by a qualified expert may be able to pinpoint the problem before the temperatures rise.


Change the Air Filter

The usual culprit for a unit that isn’t working up to par is a dirty air filter; make sure that you check and change the air filter, as needed. Keeping the filter clean will also cost you less in overall energy costs, as the unit won’t have to work as hard to keep the home environment cooler.


Check the Thermostat

Have you checked your thermostat lately? Check the batteries, replace as needed, and evaluate the settings to make sure everything is adjusted for the warmer weather. If it seems problematic, don’t mess around with trying to fix it; simply buy a replacement. Not sure about replacing the thermostat on your own? Talk to a Bay Area HVAC company to schedule an appointment.


Clean and Clear the Return Vents

Always clear and clean return vents to make sure the cool air is able to flow freely, cooling the home. Remove any obstacles that could be impeding these vents, like furniture, toys, dust, or debris.


Does It Drain?

Another question to ask yourself is: does it drain? Check the drain to make sure it is free of any debris or dirt that could cause it to back-up or over-flow. The drain gets ignored, so keeping an eye on it will help eliminate potential issues that are easily avoided. Empty the pan that collects condensation from the unit to prevent a mess or possible water damage during heavy usage.  

Contact the Best East Bay HVAC Contractor for Help

Stay cool this summer with these five tips to maintain and optimize your air conditioning system. Need some help with your HVAC system? Contact the professionals at BA Morrison, a Bay Area HVAC company.

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