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Your A/C system plays a vital role in helping to keep your home cool and comfortable. We recommend that you schedule air conditioner inspections every Spring to ensure the AC is in good working condition for the Summer season. When the unit breaks down, you face the inconvenience the sweating through hot weather until it is fixed. An inspection will identify potential issues before serious damage occurs. Here are some troubleshooting tips to make your work a bit easier.

Check the thermostat

A/C troubleshooting starts with checking the thermostat. Before you assume that the unit is broken, you should make sure that the thermostat is set properly. You may have forgotten to make the switch when the seasons changed, and your thermostat is still incorrectly set to heat. If it is set properly to cool, make sure the thermostat batteries still have enough power to facilitate communication between the thermostat and the AC unit.

Replace the air filter

Cleaning or replacing the air filter is an important part of regular HVAC maintenance service. If your air filter is dirty or clogged, it will prevent the proper flow of air and compromise the performance of your A/C unit. Generally, you should replace the air filter every two to three months. A clear sign that you need to replace the air filter is if you cannot remember the last time you changed it!

Check the circuit breaker

Your air conditioner will not work if the circuit breaker connected to the unit has tripped. Take time to check your circuit breaker and reset it if it had tripped. This should get your cooling unit running again. If it trips again, you definitely need to contact an A/C specialist for an inspection.

Check the air vents

Over time, dirt and dust will accumulate in the air ducts and vents. If these parts get clogged by contaminants they will limit airflow. Make sure that the air ducts and vents are clear, and also have not been affected by issues such as mold and vermin infestation.

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While there are several things you can do on your own, you should know when to call in a Bay Area HVAC expert. For strange noises coming from the unit, issues with the outdoor unit, and an improperly installed A/C system, contact a professional. The next time you need reliable Castro Valley air conditioning services, look no further than BA Morrison. Contact us through our website here

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