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The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions estimates that an average family in the U.S. uses about $2,000 annually on energy bills. A considerable percentage of this cost goes to making your home comfortable by heating and cooling it accordingly. Since their entry into the market, smart thermostats have been promising to reduce your home’s heating bills. But are they worth it?

Understanding smart thermostats

A regular thermostats which are just like a control panel through which you adjust the temperatures within your home. On the other hand, a smart thermostat adjusts the temperatures based on your behaviors. As they are connected to the internet, you can change the temperatures within your home from the comfort of your smartphone.

Through a smart thermostat, you can view your heating and cooling energy usage. This gives you a good idea of how often your HVAC system is running and how you can better control it.

Advantages of investing in a smart thermostat

Some of the ways through which a smart thermostat will benefit you include:

You can monitor your HVAC remotely

Should your HVAC malfunction while you are away from home, chances of a destructive disaster are quite high. For example, your pipes could freeze as a result of a malfunctioned HVAC resulting in water damage. A smart thermostat enables you to monitor and control the temperatures within your home, thus preventing such disasters.

It is easy to program and use

Although you can realize serious energy savings by using a programmable thermostat, most homeowners find it complicated to program. When it comes to a smart thermostat, all you need is a reliable internet connection.

It can adjust to the existing environmental changes

Whether your day is hotter or colder than usual, a smart thermostat detects changes in the weather and adjust its temperature settings accordingly.

You can integrate it with other home appliances

Today, most brands are coming up with smart thermostat models that can be integrated with home automation systems such as smart lighting. This allows you to access your automation tools from a single dashboard.

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It is. You can customize your heating and cooling options, which gives you total control over your energy usage. However, it won’t be a worthy buy if you do not use it.

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