East Bay HVAC Maintenance Tips for the Summer

We can’t wait for summer and all the things we love about it; soaking up its warmth, swimming, backyard barbecues and cookouts, swimming, and hikes. Although our summer activities may differ, one thing we all have in common is that no one wants to be stuck in a house with a broken AC. You can avoid costly repairs and unnecessary discomfort by following the below HVAC preparation tips for summer.

1. Clean or replace the filter
Over time, dust and dirt build-up on your unit’s air filter. This build-up restricts the cooled air from circulating and causes the HVAC to work harder. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that you replace your HVAC’s air filter every month or two during the summer. You may need to do this more frequently if the unit is in constant use or if you have pets. If you are using permanent filters, make sure you clean them also.

2. Clean the area around the unit
Vegetation or track around the unit may affect its performance. Ensure the area around the HVAC is free of leaves, grass, and twigs. Check that no debris is stuck on the unit’s interior.

3. Check the thermostat or switch to a programmable one
A thermostat that’s in good condition should be able to distribute cooled air within the home evenly. A programmable thermostat is perfect if you would like to customize your home’s air conditioning schedule.

4. Look out for dirty or broken vents
Check the unit’s ductwork for dirt, cracks, or holes. Clean, seal any broken or cracked vent and make sure that all connections are tight. If you have no idea how to go about this, contact a reputable Bay Area air conditioning contractor.

5. Maximize the unit’s cooling power
Overused air conditioning units are more susceptible to breakdowns. Complement your HVAC and maximize its cooling power by investing in energy-efficient windows. You can also use ceiling fans to boost airflow and reduce the burden on your unit.

6. Schedule the unit’s yearly inspection
Scheduling your yearly HVAC inspection and maintenance helps keep it in tip-top shape. A licensed HVAC contractor will provide you with reliable and superior maintenance services. They’ll also recommend any additional repairs.

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