East Bay HVAC Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Between scheduling your HVAC’s maintenance and changing its filters, there is a host of things you should do to maintain your heating and cooling system. With so many varying opinions on what you should and shouldn’t do, it’s easy to get confused. In this post, we demystify the top 5 HVAC myths.

1. A bigger HVAC is better
Although a bigger HVAC unit with more power will indeed do a better job of heating and cooling your home, bigger is not always better. An oversized unit will not be able to cool, heat, or dehumidify your home efficiently. By buying an oversized unit, you risk incurring part or even system replacement costs

2. HVAC filters only need to be changed once a year
When it comes to the frequency of changing your HVAC’s filter, you need to consider such factors as your home’s indoor air and the system you are using. For example, a homeowner with pets should replace their filters more often than one without. Check and your HVAC filters once every two or three months. If they are more exposed to dust, dirt, pet fur, and so on, you might want to replace them much more frequently.

3. Your HVAC only needs to be inspected if there’s a problem
Having your unit checked once or twice a year will not only ensure that it runs efficiently but will also prolong its lifespan.

4. An energy-efficient HVAC will reduce your energy bill
Most of us are guilty of thinking that an energy-efficient appliance translates to lower electricity bills. However, this is not the case if you purchase an incorrectly sized unit or if it has pre-existing issues.

5. You effectively cool or heat your home if you turn up your unit’s thermostat
The primary function of the thermostat is to control the temperature settings. However, your home or business premise will never get to the desired temperature if your unit is not operating optimally or if there are leaks.

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