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One of the most important things that a homeowner can do is to maintain your HVAC year-round. This prevents costly repairs, contributes to longevity, and saves money on monthly energy expenses. Save money later by maintaining your East Bay HVAC right now! Six reasons why preventative HVAC maintenance is essential are:

Want to save money? Sure, everyone does; did you know that routine HVAC service and maintenance can lower the chance of costly repairs by up to 95%? This is good news for homeowners looking to curb costs. Also, maintaining your system helps it run more efficiently, which can carve up to 30% off monthly energy bills, according to industry experts.

Airborne pollutants are nearly five times higher indoors than out- which is why it is integral to maintain the HVAC system. Allergens get trapped and circulated in the air that you breathe- which can cause big trouble for people with sensitivities or asthma.

You rely on your HVAC system to be inviting and comfortable- any time that you need it. Whether you want Bay Area air conditioning during the hot California summer, or a bit of warmth on a chilly East Bay evening, maintaining your HVAC ensures it works efficiently and effectively year-round, 365 days of the year.

Don’t risk costly damages by a system that kicks-out in extreme weather or temperatures. Nobody wants to deal with a frozen home- and the havoc that can wreak. Also, maintaining the system allows you to keep a watchful eye on carbon monoxide levels in the home.

If you care about the carbon footprint that you leave behind, maintain your HVAC to keep it using less fuel and resources to run. Any time that you can curb energy usage, you are doing something that is good for the environment.

Go to sleep at night knowing that your system is running smooth and problem-free. Maintaining your system provides this reassurance that you- and your loved ones- will be warm, cool, and comfortable, year-round.

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