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Bay Area Heating and Air Specialists Explain HVAC Servicing

While professional help is necessary for many HVAC projects, there are also various steps homeowners and commercial property managers can take on their own to keep their systems in top shape. The following examples are some of them and are recommended by our Bay Area air conditioning experts.

Immediate Steps

If you haven’t done so recently, these steps can be completed quickly for an immediate payoff.

  • Invest in high-end air filters. Pleated models are a good bet, as these provide superior performance.
  • Clear a path for easy access to all parts of your outdoor AC unit(s).
  • Then, make sure the outdoor AC unit(s) themselves are clear of debris.
  • Check your thermostat’s settings to make sure it’s properly calibrated for comfort and savings. For instance, smart thermostats may perform better with different settings in winter than in summer.

Seasonal Steps

On a seasonal basis, these are regular measures that can turn into helpful habits.

  • Conduct visual inspections of your system and your property’s insulation, especially looking for holes in ducts and insulation. These can harm the efficiency of your system.
  • Replace your system’s filter(s) regularly.
  • Contact an East Bay air conditioning company (or one in your area) for twice-yearly inspections. These are recommended before the weather turns warmer in the spring and before temperatures dip again in the fall in winter. East Bay HVAC professionals can spot problems that may not be apparent during DIY inspections, and they can recommend maintenance and repair steps as necessary.
  • In winter, regularly clear the ice off of your outdoor unit(s).

Annual Measures

The following are also important measures that are tied to annual timelines.

  • Clean your air condenser’s condensation line with bleach. This is a relatively simple operation, and you can find more instructions here.
  • Check the ground around your outdoor A/C units to make sure it hasn’t shifted or become unstable.
  • Make sure any carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order, and change the batteries.

Contact the Best Castro Valley HVAC Contractor for Help

The above steps are a good starting point, but for even better results, consider contacting a professional HVAC company for a customized plan and services. In the Bay Area, BA Morrison is ready to serve that need, so contact us here anytime!

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