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When the weather is hot, nothing beats the comfort of air conditioning. But did you know there are steps you can take to make your air conditioning system work better than ever? Certain techniques help an A/C system do its work. To learn more, check out the following examples, endorsed by our Castro Valley HVAC company:

Check the Outdoor Condenser Coil

A good initial step for tuning up your A/C system is looking at its outdoor condenser coil. Examine it to see if there is dust or debris present, both of which can hamper an A/C unit’s performance. If it looks dirty or obstructed, turn off the unit’s power and clean it. Also keep an eye out for vegetation encroaching on the unit. Vegetation can cause problems by obstructing a unit’s air vents, thus harming its efficiency. If there are plants blocking the unit’s air vents, trim them accordingly.

Change the Filter Regularly

Generally, changing your HVAC system’s air filter once every three months is a good starting point. But to really give your system a boost, consider changing it more frequently during the summer months or any other time the system sees heavy usage. Filters are cheap, but your comfort is priceless, as is the air quality inside your home. And if you’re not sure how to change your system’s filter, one of our East Bay air conditioning pros would be glad to show you.

Invest in Energy Efficiency

Making your home more energy efficient can lessen the work your A/C system has to do. That means it’ll experience less wear and tear, staying at an optimum performance level for longer. You’ll also be lowering your utility bill and helping the environment. To increase your home’s energy efficiency, a good starting point is to find and seal cracks with insulation. Keep an eye out for gaps around windows, doors, and any place objects like vents are present. If you’re not sure how to tackle insulation, this is another place where an HVAC company may be of use.

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Hopefully, these tips help you keep your home a bit cooler the next time you are faced with a heat wave! B.A. Morrison is an East Bay HVAC company dedicated to offering you complete cooling, heating, and indoor air quality services. Whether you need to replace or maintain your HVAC system, contact the Bay Area air conditioning experts at B.A. Morrison.

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