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When you have issues with your air conditioning, it often comes down to some common, and preventable, problems. With regular cleaning and professional East Bay HVAC maintenance, you can avoid issues that could result in pricey repairs.

Frozen Coils
When something interferes with airflow around your evaporator coil, the result can be a layer of ice which impedes the unit from doing its job.

Low Coolant
Similarly, when leaks or issues impact the refrigerant lines, you can have too little coolant in the system to cool your home.

Dirt and Dust
If your condenser coils become dirty or covered with grim, the unit must work harder to do its job, often causing malfunction.

Are your ducts leaking? Holes, cracks, or breaks in your ducts can cause cool air and energy to be wasted.

Issues with the Fan
When the fan in your AC unit doesn’t work right, airflow is impacted and your system can fail to cool the home.

If a line or drain becomes clogged, the water can damage your AC unit. Furthermore, this may cause leaks and property damage over time.

Problems with the Thermostat
Make sure that your system’s thermostat is calibrated and accurate. If the thermostat is not working properly, it will send the wrong messages to your unit which can result in problems.

Thankfully, many of these issues are easily avoidable. Use these tips to prevent these seven common issues:

-Replace and clean the system’s air filter frequently.
-Have a professional inspect and assess the situation when your energy bills seem higher than usual.
-Invest in a programmable thermostat for consistency and optimal energy savings.
-Keep the outside unit clean and free from dirt and foliage.
-Have regular maintenance on your system by a qualified HVAC professional.

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