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Looking for ways to save money on your monthly energy costs? Start with the way that you are cooling your home this spring! Seven ways to save money on your East Bay HVAC bill this spring are:

Seal Things Up
Most Castro Valley air conditioning professionals will recommend that homeowners seal up cracks and gaps around windows and doors. Precious energy is commonly lost around these spots when they are not sealed.

Where Is the Thermostat?
Make sure that your thermostat is not located on an exterior wall or by a window for the most accurate reading. A HVAC professional can assist with relocating your thermostat if need be.

Set It and Save
Did you know that you can save significant money monthly if you set your thermostat around 10-degrees higher during spring months, for around eight hours a day? Crank it up a few degrees before heading out for work- or while you sleep if you prefer. The savings is impressive!

Try to Stay Cool
Try to curb activities and tasks that will create heat, like cooking, drying laundry, or using other kitchen appliances. Instead, keep the home cooler by washing your dishes by hand- or hanging clothes outside on a line to dry naturally.

Use What you Have
Augment and assist your air conditioning system by using other ways to keep the home cooler. Try utilizing fans and close curtains and window treatments to keep the sun out during the warmest times of the day. Ceiling fans are also helpful in maintaining a cooler environment.

Plant and Landscape with Intention
When considering your home’s landscaping, think about intentionally planting trees and shrubs to curb the sun that shines through your windows. For instance, use foliage to create shade which will help keep the home cool in a warm environment during spring weather.

Maintain your Home
Another way to see savings is with prompt repairs and maintenance of your property. Take care of your home by changing air filters regularly- dust can clog and block airflow which makes your air conditioning work harder to cool the home. This equates to wasted energy and money over time.

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