Bay Area HVAC Specialists Explain Their Tips

Is your HVAC system ready for summer? If you have not taken time to prepare your system, you risk problems cooling your home during the hottest time of year. Regularly scheduled maintenance can make your system more efficient, thus costing you less money. Get your system ready with these tips from a Bay Area air conditioning professional:

Check the Filter

Check the filter of your system; is it clogged or dusty? This can interfere with air flow, thus making your system work harder and use more energy. It is easy to change the filter and can be an effective way at improving the performance of your air conditioning.

Clean the Vents

Another thing that can impede your HVAC performance is dirty vents. Check for things like dust and hair, that can easily block vents; also make sure that the vents are in the open position. You may want to call on a Castro Valley air conditioning professional to clean and clear the vents for you.

Clear the Exteriors

Some AC systems have outside units that must also be maintained. Trim back foliage and shrubs that are near the system, and try to leave a two-foot-wide berth all around the unit. This helps to prevent debris and dirt from getting inside your system.

Optimize the Output

Help your air conditioning work better by optimizing its output. That is, keep the windows shaded during the hottest parts of the day and use ceiling fans to circulate the cool air. Make sure that your fans are turning clockwise to pull the cool air down and through your home.

Upgrade your System

How old is your system? Older models of air conditioning systems may not be energy efficient and could be driving up your utility costs. You may want to consider upgrading to a modern system that cools the home more efficiently- and that costs you less money each month.

Contact the Best East Bay HVAC Contractor for Help

Is your air conditioning ready for the summer heat? Reach out to the East Bay HVAC professionals at BA Morrison to prepare and inspect your system. Use these tips to ensure your HVAC system is working smoothly and reliably before the Californian summer heat arrives and all year long! Contact us here anytime.

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