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Bay Area Heating Specialists Explain HVAC Service

Every year should be the time to maintain your HVAC system; after all, your family will rely on it all winter long to stay warm. Consider making a checklist of tasks provided by East Bay HVAC professionals that ensures your family stays comfortable all year long!

Resolve to complete this New Year HVAC Checklist!

  • Change the Filter

If you only do one thing to help your HVAC system this year, change the air filter! These trap dust, dirt, and allergens that you do not want in the air that you breathe- nor do you want them clogging your system. When the filter is dirty, the HVAC system uses more energy and works harder to do its job. Consider changing the filter every month, on average.

  • Program the Thermostat

Can you program your thermostat? If not, it could be time to upgrade. A programmable thermostat allows you to set it and forget it, basically. Plus, when you keep your home at a consistent temperature, it uses a lot less energy.

  • Clear the Environment

When the environment is cluttered and crowded, it is harder for your HVAC system to work efficiently and effectively. Get rid of excess clutter and clear routes to vents, radiators, and ducts for optimal air flow.

  • Seal Leaks and Gaps

Help your HVAC system run smoothly and efficiently by sealing and repairing cracks or gaps in the home. These are spaces where energy can escape- and throw your money out along with it. Keep your windows and doors tight, but consider also adding a layer of insulation to the ceiling or attic, where heat is most likely to escape during colder months.

  • Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Another vital task on the checklist is to enlist a HVAC professional for regular maintenance and inspection of your system. Annual inspections help to point out any potential issues before they become costly repairs later-on.

  • Update the System

There are times when it makes the most sense to simply invest in a new system. HVAC systems can last a long time- but if your system is old, it may be a lot less efficient than contemporary models. This means you could be paying more each month to keep your home comfortable.

Contact the Best Castro Valley HVAC Contractor for Help

Use these tips to maintain your system for the year ahead- and always consult with a professional for issues or concerns. For Bay Area HVAC service, reach out to BA Morrison, for Castro Valley Heating and Cooling. Contact us through our website here.

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