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East Bay HVAC Tips for Winter

It is getting colder- how is your HVAC system working? There are some things recommended by Castro Valley heating professionals that you can do to help heat your home more efficiently- while also keeping you warm during winter. Consider these 8 tips to heat your home:

Hunt for Drafts
East Bay heating and cooling experts recommend seeking out any drafts- and then sealing them up- to curb the costs associated with heating the home. Make sure to caulk and weather-strip windows and doors where there are leaks and gaps, and where heat could be escaping. Plan to cut your energy bills by around 20% with this simple measure!

Clear Vents
Make sure that vents and radiators are not blocked or hindered with obstructions. Also, keep curtains and furnishings from covering them up, too. Better yet, vacuum and clean the vents periodically to improve air flow and optimize heat.

Watch the Water
When the weather starts to turn chilly, plan on resetting the thermostat in your hot water heater to cut down on what you are paying. Set the temperature to around 115-degrees F to ensure it is not set too high and wasting energy.

Replace the Filter
Replace the air filter over your vents and radiators every three months, ideally. The system works harder to heat the home when these are clogged with dust, dirt, and pet hair; dispose and replace the filter to keep the system running clean.

Add Another Layer
Add another layer of insulation during chilly weather to the home. If you have less than a foot of insulation in your attic and crawlspace, you could be losing heat and wasting money.

Circulate the Warm Air
Did you know that a fan can optimize your heating system and help keep the home warmer? Run the fan in a counter-clockwise motion to push warm air down from the ceiling and into the rooms of your home more efficiently. Plus, when heat is not escaping the home through the ceiling and attic, you won’t get the long dangling icicles along the home’s eaves that can be hazardous.

Rely on the Sun
Make the most of the natural sunlight by opening curtains on sunny days, and closing them after dark to keep the window insulated against the nighttime chill.

Adjust the Temperature
Set your home’s thermostat to a consistent temperature and don’t fiddle with it! Energy experts recommend setting it for around 68-degrees F when you are awake and in the home, but turning it down a couple degrees during sleep hours.

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