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East Bay HVAC Maintenance Tips

The colder months bring new challenges to HVAC systems, as once-dormant heating components kick on. Our Bay Area heating and cooling company recommends these steps for preparing your home’s system for winter:

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Does your home have a programmable thermostat yet? If not, consider investing in one before the weather worsens. As an example of why programmable thermostats are helpful, consider this: San Francisco and East Bay heating and cooling systems have to adapt to a variety of temperatures throughout the year and even from one part of the day to another. Programmable thermostats help HVAC units spring into action when they’re needed and rest when they’re not, boosting efficiency and decreasing wear and tear.

Give Your Furnace a Warmup

Before it gets cold, turn your furnace on and off a few times. This will let you know if the furnace works before you need it. If something seems amiss, contact a professional HVAC company to take a look. They will have the tools and experience needed to diagnose and correct any problems.

Look Around the Furnace

Along with turning the furnace on, you can also detect potential problems by scanning the area around it. If shrubs, vines, or debris have begun to encroach on the furnace, for instance, those may interfere with its operation and even contribute to mechanical problems.

Check and Change the Filter

If you haven’t checked your air filter recently, do so now. It may have been gathering dirt all fall, meaning a change is necessary to get your HVAC system back to peak efficiency. Changing filters regularly has a host of benefits, so we encourage you to make this a habit.

Enroll in a Regular Maintenance Program

Castro Valley heating and cooling systems deal with wildly different climates than those in other places in America. But no matter where an HVAC system is, it can benefit from a regular maintenance program. Setting up regular professional care for your HVAC system can prevent small problems from becoming big, expensive, and potentially dangerous ones.

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If you have doubts about carrying out any of the mentioned activities, consider having a professional do it. For maintenance services and more in the Bay Area, contact BA Morrison.

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