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It’s important to consider how your pets affect your home’s air conditioning system and vice versa. Whether you’re here for Bay Area HVAC tips or are a pet lover from another part of the country, the following actions can help you keep your home comfortable and your pet happy and healthy.

Change Your Filters Regularly

All air conditioning filters, which clean air as it moves through an HVAC system, should be changed on a regular basis, but in homes that host cats and dogs, the filters should be changed more frequently. Pacific Heating and Cooling recommends that cat and dog owners change the filter every 30 to 60 days and check the filter on a monthly basis.

Secure the Outdoor Unit

If your pet likes to roam outside, it’s important to make sure your outdoor condenser unit is secure. For example, a dog might claw at or urinate on the unit, both of which can lead to damage over time. Need advice on how to secure the condenser? Just talk to an East Bay air conditioning professional.

Clean the Ducts

Pets, whether they are furry or not, create dander—that is, specks of shed skin. Left unchecked, it will begin to circulate throughout your HVAC system and therefore your home. This is another area in which fresh filters can help. However, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association points out that to truly tackle dander, thorough, professional duct cleaning is necessary.

Clean Your Carpets

Carpets can trap an incredible number of undesirable things—including pet hair and dirt and debris your pet tracks in—so it’s important to clean carpets regularly. Any Castro Valley air conditioning expert will tell you that clean carpets work hand-in-hand with a properly maintained HVAC system to deliver clean, pleasant air to you and your pet.

Groom Your Pet Regularly

On top of looking and feeling better, a well-groomed pet will shed less fur than one who is not groomed regularly. But how often does your pet need to be brushed? That will vary from pet to pet, but you’re a dog owner, check out this article for some general guidelines. Your vet should also be a valuable source of advice. Along with brushing frequency, don’t forget to ask about how often your pet needs to be fully bathed.

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