East Bay HVAC Maintenance Tips for the Winter

Is your East Bay HVAC system ready for the holiday season? With guests and entertaining, this is not the time for common issues to interfere with festive plans. Maintain a regiment of HVAC maintenance and prevent problems when you need it to work smoothly. Use these maintenance tips to make sure your family and friends are warm and comfortable this season:

Change the Filter

Ask any Castro Valley HVAC professional and they will tell you that it is imperative to change your system’s filter regularly. When dust covers and clogs the filter, the system has to work much harder to heat or cool your surroundings. Changing the filter reduces the wear and tear on your system.

Assess the Thermostat

Test your thermostat to make sure that it is working properly and accurately. If you find a discrepancy, it could be time to upgrade your thermostat. Start with fresh batteries to see if that helps.

Keep it Clean

Dirt and dust near or around your HVAC can accidentally get into your system. Try to sweep and vacuum a wide berth around your system and vents to help keep the system working properly.

Address the Gaps

Do you have a lot of cracks, gaps, or leaks in your HVAC system? Try to address and seal these to help reduce drafts and wear. While it is important that your home is ventilated, it is also key to take care of areas where heat can escape and become wasted. By fixing these problem spots, you may see a difference in your utility costs, too.

Inspect Systems on a Yearly Basis

It is critical to have the system inspected each year by a HVAC professional. This will help target any issues that could impact staying warm this winter! Plus, an annual inspection may curb costly repairs and cut down on problems later.

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Make sure that your HVAC is ready for holiday happenings and special occasions. Have your system inspected each year by a building and HVAC contracting company. Talk to the team at BA Morrison, Bay Area heating professionals, on HVAC maintenance and prep. Contact us here anytime.

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