castro valley heating tips for winter

Holiday East Bay Heating Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

The holidays are upon us, and the weather is getting colder. As you deck the halls with twinkle lights and other festive decorations, get ready for the holidays by observing the following HVAC maintenance tips:

1. Replace your HVAC’s air filter
Clogged or dirty filters could result in high energy costs, airflow issues, and in severe cases, system failure. While an air filter should be replaced every three months, you will need to replace it before the guests arrive. If possible, replace it with a HEPA air filter to cater to guests who may be allergic or are suffering from respiratory issues.

2. Weather-proof the home before the onset of the cold weather
Weather-proof your home by carrying out simple upgrades such as caulking leaks around the doors and windows. You can also use draft blockers at the bottom of your doors to prevent warm air from leaking out or cold air from seeping in. Good weather-stripping should limit the air that flows through your closed windows or doors. If your home has an attic, make sure that it is well insulated.

3. Look for ways you can save your heating costs
While you may want to keep your guests as comfortable as possible, avoid heating rooms that are not being used. The more your guests, the more the cooking you will probably do, and the higher the temperatures in your home will be. It only makes sense to lower the temperatures on your thermostat by a few degrees before the guests arrive.

4. Schedule your HVAC’s maintenance
While DIY is economical, some tasks are best left to professionals. If you are in the Bay Area, trust a reputable Castro Valley heating and air conditioning technician to check all your unit’s components and wiring. In most cases, the technician will go beyond inspecting your unit and perform regular maintenance tasks. They will also clean your unit to ensure it works efficiently and is in tip-top condition throughout the holiday season.

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Our Castro Valley Heating and HVAC Contractors Are Here to Help

BA Morrison is an East Bay HVAC company that will set you up for the holidays by handling all your Bay Area heating needs. Keep in mind that a preventive mindset will ensure your unit’s efficiency and reliability. This will not only give you peace of mind during this holiday season but will also save you money. Get in touch with our team today for Castro Valley heating and HVAC repair and installation.

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