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East Bay HVAC Maintenance Tips for the Winter

With the winter chills just around the corner, there is no more appropriate time to prepare your heater for the season. In this post, we discuss some of the best practices that will ensure your heating is in the best condition for the winter:

1. Replacing the filters
Filters not only improve the indoor air quality but also play a key role in ensuring that your unit performs optimally. Continued use of your unit leads to dust and debris build-up on the inside of the unit’s blower fan resulting in poor heat circulation.

2. Clean and clear the space around it
It is not uncommon for homeowners to store things such as boxes near the HVAC unit. You will need to clear and clean the area around it before the cold weather sets in. This helps keep the filters clean for longer periods.

3. Inspect and clean its vents and ducts
The hot air from your HVAC unit finds its way into your home through the vents and ducts. Clean the vents’ exterior by wiping them thoroughly while looking out for cracks. Check if there are any objects lodged in the vents or ducts. Make sure you test your unit once you are done to ensure that the air blows freely. Also, ensure that the fan belt has the right tension and is not worn.

4. Schedule its annual maintenance
A qualified HVAC technician is better placed to perform a thorough inspection. They also know how to identify issues that could bring problems down the line. A technician will also assess how well your unit is functioning and recommend any repairs. They will also inform you when a replacement is warranted.

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If you have doubts about carrying out any of the mentioned activities, consider having a professional do it. While this could cost you a higher amount of money than the usual annual maintenance, it’s better than you having to replace the whole unit or having to pay for repairs. BA Morrison is a family-owned East Bay air conditioning and general construction company. The Bay Area heating and air conditioning company has an A+ rating on BBB. Contact the East Bay HVAC experts at BA Morrison today for your commercial or residential HVAC maintenance needs. Give us a call at (510) 538-9817 or fill out our online contact form here.

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