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East Bay Building Contractors Have Some Tips

Any home renovation project requires meticulous planning and thought. Data from the Census Bureau indicates that almost a third of all home remodeling projects include major additions. But how will a home remodel project impact your HVAC system?

Registers and vents placement

HVAC registers and vents have to be placed strategically to make sure they operate optimally. For instance, inflow and outflow vents should not be placed close together. When your home renovation project involves changing its configurations, you might need to change your HVAC’s position, the vents’ direction, or add more vents to serve the added floor space.

Be sure to consult a Bay Area HVAC tech before beginning your remodeling project so that they can advise you on the unit’s ductwork and register placement. This is also an opportune time to check and rectify any improper connections and leaks on your unit’s ductwork.

Effects of dust and debris on your unit

Whether you are knocking down a wall or tearing up the floors, any home renovation project is bound to kick up substantial amounts of dust and debris. These could infiltrate and clog your air filters, registers, vents, and the moving parts in your unit. Protect your unit from dust and debris by:

  • If possible, fully closing off the registers and vents in the rooms you will be renovating
  • Cleaning the work area every day after use
  • Changing your filter once your renovation project is complete to ensure that the dust it collects does not find its way into your system hampering free air flow.
  • Making sure you clean the registers’ and vents’ grates using a vacuum cleaner once the renovation project is complete

Increased square footage

One of the most common home renovation projects involves creating additional square footage or adding more rooms to your home. If your HVAC is too small for your new space, your unit will need to work extra hard to effectively heat or cool the added areas. This leads to increased energy bills. Irregular heating and cooling is also a common problem when you use an air conditioning unit that’s too small for your space.

Our East Bay HVAC and Building Contractors Experts can Help

A home renovation project is an effective way of improving its value and adding to its functionality. However, you need to consider whether your air conditioning unit will still be efficient. If you are planning a home renovation project contact BA Morrison, a competent Bay Area general construction contractor. We will address all your East Bay air conditioning needs as far as home renovation projects are concerned.

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