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Got a small kitchen? Talk to a Castro Valley kitchen remodeling contractor about renovations that can make your room feel spacious. These projects optimize every inch and create clever storage solutions to make your kitchen feel new- and bigger, too!

Eight kitchen renovation ideas that make small spaces feel spacious are:

Clever and Creative Paint
You can do a lot with paint- including making a room seem larger. To create this illusion, use light colors in neutral tones. Always paint upper cabinets or trim lighter to make the room seem taller. Go with a white ceiling, and avoid using matte paint, which can make the room seem cozier, i.e., small.

Change Up your Cabinetry
Get rid of boxy, old-school kitchen cabinets. Add glass to the fronts of your existing cabinetry- or swap them out for open shelves. These can dramatically change the overall feel of the room but require you to keep the interiors tidy. Talk to your contractor to learn more!

Create Optical Illusions with Prints
Another way to create the impression of a larger kitchen is by using geometric prints and patterns throughout the space. These bring texture and depth to flat surfaces and elements, alluding to a bigger room.

Use Mirrors
Mirrors are a great way to make a small area of the home seem bigger. Position a mirror on the wall behind your kitchen table to reflect light, and make the room seem much larger. Placing a mirror here is also good chi according to Feng Shui experts.

Bring the Outdoors In
Talk to your contractor about adding French doors or a bay window in kitchens that can accommodate this feasibly. These features open-up the room while also bringing the outdoors, inside. It will seem airier, too.

Augment your Kitchen Lighting
If the room is dim and dark, it will seem smaller. Lighten, brighten, and open things up with lots of lighting. Choose cost-effective LED bulbs and light fixtures that will illuminate every inch of your space.

Simply your Storage
It is a lot easier to find storage if you clean and declutter first. Get rid of things you simply don’t need- or that may be excessive. Check dates and use the guideline that if you have not used it in a year, you don’t really need to hang on to it. Once this is done, you may find that the smaller kitchen accommodates your storage just fine.

Add Some Stripes
Add a horizontal stripe in paint, wallpaper, or adhesive tile along the wall of your kitchen. For some reason, this makes the room seem bigger! If this isn’t feasible, try adding an area rug featuring a horizontal oriented pattern.

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