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As pointed out by Energy Saver—an office of the US Department of Energy—air conditioners require maintenance to perform efficiently and keep your home comfortable. This article covers several problems air conditioners experience as well as symptoms of those problems, which may call for a visit from a Castro Valley HVAC company.

A Dirty A/C Filter

A dirty filter can cause many issues. For instance, if you notice that your home is cooling unevenly or that your utility bills are rising, the culprit may be the filter. A decrease in air quality is another signal that your filter may need to be changed. A variety of factors affect how often you should change your filter; for example, East Bay air conditioning systems may need to be changed more often than systems in rural areas, owing to pollutants that are present in city air. To learn more, check out this Home Depot article.

Issues with the Sensor

Air conditioners rely on sensors to function properly, so if they become dislodged or broken, the air conditioner may continually cycle or turn on and off at random. If the sensor is dislodged, Energy Saver points out that you may be able to fix this problem by “carefully bending the wire that holds it in place.” The sensor should not touch the coil, but it should be near the coil. If it is broken, it will need to be replaced.

Leaking or Insufficient Refrigerant

A drop in cooling power is often a sign of a refrigerant problem. If your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, it needs a better fix than simply adding more refrigerant. The same goes for if the refrigerant was charged improperly. Bay Area HVAC companies advise hiring a professional to identify and tackle both types of refrigerant issue.

Problems with the Electrical Controls

Like sensor problems, a malfunctioning electrical control system can cause an air conditioner to frequently start and stop. A professional service call is necessary to resolve electrical problems.

Insufficient Drainage

If your air conditioner isn’t draining properly, it may make your home more humid. Even worse: According to SFGate, mold and algae growth may occur as well. Especially in humid conditions, Energy Saver recommends keeping an eye on your condensate drain. Adjust and unclog it as necessary, and if you continue to have problems, call a professional.

Contact the Best Castro Valley HVAC Contractor for Help

While there are several things you can do on your own, you should know when to call in a Bay Area HVAC expert. For strange noises coming from the unit, issues with the outdoor unit, and an improperly installed A/C system, contact a professional. The next time you need reliable Castro Valley air conditioning services, look no further than BA Morrison. Contact us through our website here.

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