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Thinking it could be time to upgrade your HVAC system? Depending on how old the system is, it may be time. There are some questions that homeowners should ask themselves when considering a HVAC upgrade, including the following:

  • Is the system more than ten years old?
  • Is the HVAC system keeping you comfortable, warm, cool, etc.?
  • Does the system seem to run more than it should?
  • How are your Bay Area heating and cooling bills?

It may be that replacing an old HVAC system can dramatically improve the comfort of the home, while also reducing your out-of-pocket costs, month after month. Considering that heating and cooling comprises over 40% of monthly utility costs, this is significant; talk to a building and Bay Area HVAC contracting company, BA Morrison, to learn more.

First Things First

The first thing for homeowners to do is to call a Castro Valley HVAC professional for an energy assessment or audit of your current system. Typically, the contractor comes and tests the system, looking for energy leaks and inefficiencies.

Look for Issues

It could be that your system works fine and that it is the home, itself, that requires an intervention. Sealing gaps and leaks or improved insulation may be all that is needed to lower energy costs. The energy assessment may also point to the best size for a HVAC unit that will run efficiently and optimally, if an upgrade is prudent at this time.

Calculate the Energy Load

Following the energy audit, the HVAC professional will conduct a load calculation to determine the right size and system for your home. This is a very-important step; question any contractor who does not offer a proper load calculation.

Hire a Professional

This is not the time to curb costs by hiring a layman. Installing a HVAC system is work that directly impacts the safety of those living in the home; installing the wrong size unit or overlooking a small leak could have deadly consequences. Avoid the risks of carbon monoxide, toxins, mold, and fire- hire a HVAC professional.

Contact the Best Castro Valley HVAC Contractor for Help

If you are ready for your energy assessment, call a Bay Area building and HVAC contracting company, BA Morrison, to schedule an appointment. You could be losing money in wasted energy month after month; contact us to learn more today!

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