Virtual Reality IS Changing the General Construction Industry, Here’s How.

Virtual reality is defined as “the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment.” The construction industry is embracing VR to improve the design process. So, just how is VR changing the general construction industry?

3D Models Provide Information

Architects and engineers have been using 3D models for years to show the end product, but these smaller versions of a building are costly to produce and typically don’t allow clients to see inside every room with every detail. The ability to create 3D models with VR is completely changing the construction industry.

Clients can see what a building or room will look like before construction ever begins. Designers can make changes without disrupting the construction process. Clients can take a virtual tour of the home or office before ground is broken. Using 3D modeling, designers can create a more accurate plan of what the finished product will look like.

VR allows people in different locations to provide input and give direction without actually having to be physically present. This collaboration gives Bay Area general contractors and design personnel more information to get the end result expected by the client. Some companies that use VR find that they get faster project approvals, most likely due to the client having more information.

3D Models Save Time and Money

VR models can detect conflicts and correct safety issues that can arise during construction. Errors made at the construction site, even in something as routine as a kitchen remodel, can be expensive. Fixing these errors before the project begins will save money and time.

Safety and Training

Workers in rural communities can get better training through VR, making worksites safer. VR training lets trainees work high-risk machinery in a safe environment where no one can get hurt. This trial-and-error practice reduces the risk of injury and damage to high-dollar equipment. Construction workers no longer have to travel for training, which puts them away from their family and can be expensive.

Virtual reality might have been created to enhance the gaming experience, but it’s finding many applications in other industries. As younger generations join the construction filed, it’s likely that they will find even more uses for VR in construction. VR is already revolutionizing how designers and architects present information. Imagine what the future brings when these innovators get ahold of the industry.

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