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East Bay Building and Kitchen Remodeling Questions

Don’t hire just any Castro Valley building contractor and HVAC company to work on your home; do your due diligence and ask ten important and pointed questions to East Bay HVAC contractors regarding whether they are the best candidate for your job.

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Kitchen Remodeling Tips From Bay Area Contractors

Considering a kitchen makeover? If so, your vision of a seamless kitchen remodel probably involves avoiding catastrophes before, during and after the process is complete, right? For instance, you don’t want to see the new tile crack or pop apart, or that custom cabinet’s wood split from poor manufacturing, or even worse, a contractor who takes the deposit and promptly disappears.

Any sort of kitchen remodeling project can easily present you with such disasters or dilemmas, that’s why we are here to show how NOT to do a remodel. Here we’re going to look at ten things you might do during your East Bay kitchen remodeling project that could end up causing you big trouble.

10 Things NOT to do During a Kitchen Remodeling Project

  1. Refusing to hire a General Contractor – It’s not as simple as many think, and no one has the kind of time, knowledge and connections necessary to make it work, plus it could actually be illegal!
  2. Accepting bids with only vague specs – A good general contractor will never bid on anything vague, but you shouldn’t be handing such specs out in the first place. The more details you provide, the more accurate the bids and the fewer surprises later
  3. Not setting fixed goals – It is amazingly easy to get distracted or off-track when planning a kitchen. You see something cool and think, “Ooh, let’s add that”. If it is not part of the original goal (i.e. more efficient, less cluttered, more modern, and so on), don’t give it any attention
  4. Neglecting to take time to find the best General Contractor – Hiring a general contractor is all well and fine, but did you screen more than one or two? Did you do the due diligence? You could be lining yourself up with a dud if you don’t take time to find someone who has a good background, references and feels right.
  5. Giving them all of the money – If you hired a Bay Area general contractor and then forked over the entire sum estimated on the project, you are asking for a disaster. The right amount? 30% and nothing more.
  6. Thinking of what others would want – You know that phrase, “keeping up with the Joneses,” right? If you are doing a kitchen remodel, make it YOURS and not THEIRS. You are the one who will live with it, pay for it, and use it.
  7. Going too much in any direction – Don’t “settle” but don’t get too crazy with customization. Look for meeting your vision AND your budget.
  8. Changing your mind…repeatedly – One of the worst mistakes is to think that a big change is only going to cost you the materials. There is time and that is a huge expense. Make your decisions early on and stick with them.
  9. Skimping on quality – A lot of remodels are not a good outcome because the owner skimps on things like hinges, cabinet bases, and so on. Even if you never see something, you’ll experience its failure!
  10. Not remodeling – This is the biggest mistake, and if you are just going to “live with it” because it is too hard to change it, you’ll miss out on the true joy of a great kitchen.

Contact Our General Contractors At B.A. Morrison to Start Your Remodel

At BA Morrison, you will find expert Bay Area building contractors you can trust. You will work with experienced construction, remodeling and HVAC contractors happy to tackle your kitchen remodel no matter how big or small. Contact us online today to get started.

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Home Improvement Tips for Spring To Keep Your Home Looking Great

Now that the flowers are blooming in the Castro Valley area, you may be busy making your spring cleaning to-do list. If so, we recommend that you include both indoor and outdoor tasks and that you start small so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Here are six things an East Bay building contractor will tell you to include for starters:

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Are You Ready For Your Remodel?

When you’re anticipating a renovation for your residence, there can be a major disruption to home life, with regard to traffic patterns as well as having access to areas throughout the home. You can take a few steps beforehand to help to minimize this disruption. Here are some of the best tips for a remodel from a local East Bay heating and construction company. With this wisdom, you can help maintain some semblance of normal life in your home.

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Bay Area Heating

How To Improve Your Home Garden in 2019

As spring quickly approaches, thoughts turn to cleaning and organizational tasks. As you contemplate facets of your home that you want to improve, why not consider beautifying your garden area as well? Here are some practical suggestions on renovations you can make to add vitality and joy to your garden.

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How Long Should Things In Your Home Last?

It can be very very helpful to homeowners to have a basic understanding of how long all the various components of their home should last. Having this information at your fingertips will allow you to monitor performance carefully when each of the various elements of your home approach their standard expiration dates. This in turn will allow you to plan for replacement or upgrades, so you don’t have a significant loss of service. Your construction contractors and East Bay HVAC servicemen at B.A. Morrison offer the following information on the life cycles of most components of your household.

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How To Install Thermostat

The Best Place In Your House To Install A Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats make sense for homeowners. The technology is getting more affordable and accessible through most electronic devices. Many utility companies offer rebates for installing a smart thermostat. Using one correctly will help you save money on your Bay Area heating and air conditioning costs.

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Commercial Contractor

How To Improve Your Commercial Property

Commercial property can be an expensive investment, so it is important to take steps to protect it. With some clear strategy, you can look at some renovations that can shield your property from damage. This will make it more attractive for customers or tenants, and improve its long-term outlook. The end of the article provides a way to get started by sharing resources to learn more about Bay Area air conditioning, heating, and building improvements.

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Is Your Rental Property Looking Outdated?

Sometimes renovating a rental property is a good way to get it ready for your next tenants or to improve the property to make it more inviting for potential renters. But the idea of renovating a rental property can be overwhelming, especially if it’s a new concept to you. With the help of a Bay Area general contractor, you can identify areas of your home that will add the most value through renovation. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to renovate your rental property.
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Stay Safe And Warm This Winter By Servicing Your Bay Area HVAC Unit Before You Need To

With the north winds blowing off the ocean causing the temperatures to drop low during the winter months in the Bay Area, you want to know your heater is going to work at full capacity keeping keep you warm and happy. Our goal at B.A. Morrison is to ensure you stay warm this winter. Heaters, regardless of age, like everything that has working parts require maintenance to avoid emergency service that is inconvenient and possibly costly. A Bay Area air conditioning and heating technician can inspect your HVAC system to ensure your furnace runs smoothly all winter long.

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