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Castro Valley HVAC Maintenance Tips for the Winter

Determining the right temperature to set your heater in winter can feel like a mystery: Too low, and you’ll make your house uncomfortably cold, but too high, and you’ll rack up beefy electric bills. Luckily, our Castro Valley HVAC company is here to solve the mystery for you.

What Heater Temperature Is Best in Winter?

The best temperature may vary somewhat from household to household. That’s because the ideal setting for a heat system in winter is the lowest temperature at which a home’s residents remain comfortable. This is true whether we’re talking about an East Bay heating system or one across the country on the East Coast, which makes it a useful rule no matter where you are.

A good starting point is 68 degrees. But some people may find they can go lower comfortably, achieving smaller utility bills, while others may prefer the comfort level provided by going a few degrees higher. You can always do some testing to find your home’s ideal temperature setting.

Prepare to Acclimate

If you’ve identified a relatively low temperature you’d like to keep your home at, you don’t need to jump down to that temperature immediately. Instead, after your testing period, you can set the thermostat higher, then gradually step the temperature down to your target. This will avoid the need to go through a harsh, sudden adjustment. While you and other members of your household are acclimating, break out some warm clothes and blankets to help.

Programmable Thermostats Can Do Some Adjustments For You

Another popular winter strategy is to let the temperature of your dwelling fall when it’s unoccupied, then bring it back up once people are home again. A smart thermostat can ease this strategy. You can program it to lower the temperature according to the rhythms of the day. A common pattern is for temperatures to decrease when you go to work and go back up when you return home. Just make sure it doesn’t fall so much as to make pets uncomfortable or plants unhealthy.

Contact our East Bay HVAC Specialists for More Info

The above advice will go a long way toward making your home comfortable in winter, but it’s always a good idea to have your system looked at before the cold hits. As a Castro Valley heating company, BA Morrison checks on systems throughout our service area, so we’d love to get in touch before or during winter. Contact us here anytime.

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