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Bay Area HVAC Maintenance Tips for the Winter

Prevent problems and curb costs with some preventative maintenance to your HVAC system. Talk to a Bay Area HVAC contractor to find out more or to schedule service and repairs. Keep your East Bay HVAC system operating well all year with these tips: 

  • Did you know that an inexpensive system tune-up could potentially extend the life of your HVAC? It’s true- a tune-up can increase efficiency and save money, too.  
  • When evaluating or performing any kind of maintenance or repair, always power the system down, cutting the power, and waiting until the system’s blower has completely stopped.  
  • If your system’s air filter is dirty or clogged, your system will need to work harder and use more energy to function. Make its job easier by periodically replacing and cleaning filters; industry experts suggest new filters every three or four months, depending on use. 
  • Another way to test your system’s health is to conduct a sound check, of sorts. First, turn the power off to the unit and carefully listen for any strange or concerning noises. Report these to your HVAC service technician.  
  • Do you see any signs of moisture, puddles, rust, or other signs of an issue on or near the vent pipe? This should prompt you to contact your HVAC contractor for further assessment.  
  • Another helpful tip to ensure the system is working properly is to test its thermostat for temperature accuracy. Also, take time to evaluate the temperature in the room: does it seem congruent with the HVAC setting?  
  • Going through a basic checklist of potential issues, such as seeing water puddles near the unit, can be signs that the system is not working properly. There are tests and other procedures that the professional HVAC technician can perform to determine what, if anything, is going on with the system. Plus, they can clean and lubricate parts to ensure they function the way they are supposed to. 
  • Only allow a professional licensed HVAC technician to make repairs or service your system. 

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Prevent problems during cooler seasons with preventative maintenance to your HVAC system. Talk to an East Bay Heating professional at BA Morrison, for HVAC service and maintenance to keep you warm during the winter months. Contact us here anytime. 

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