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As 2020 has shown, wildfires are a severe and ever-growing threat to the West Coast. An important prevention measure is ensuring the wise use of homes’ electrical systems, including HVAC setups. Owners of Bay Area HVAC systems should keep the following tips in mind to minimize the risk of health hazards, particularly during fire advisories. (These tips apply if your home is safe to stay in. Do not hesitate to evacuate if the situation becomes unsafe and/or authorities advise you to do so.)

Block Low-Quality Air

As pointed out on, air quality can plummet during a fire advisory. Closing your doors and windows will block some of the low-quality air from entering your home—but not all of it. For better protection, make sure your HVAC system’s air filter is in good condition. If it has not been changed in a while or is simply dirty, East Bay HVAC pros recommend replacing it promptly.

You can also turn off your air conditioning system’s fresh air intake. In normal times, fresh air intakes are helpful, but during a fire advisory, they can suck unhealthy air into your home. An alternative to turning off the fresh air intake completely is setting the system to recirculation mode, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Turning off window units and bathroom fans—which typically suck in air from outdoors—can also cut down on the amount of smoky air entering your home.

Indoor Best Practices

Along with doing what you can to seal off polluted outdoor air, Castro Valley HVAC technicians also back certain measures to protect the air already inside your home. For instance, if you have a gas stove, try not to use it.

Additionally, the EPA recommends avoiding recipes that call for broiling or frying. Refrain from smoking, vaping, and burning candles. Don’t spray aerosol products, either. And unless your vacuum has a HEPA filter, try not to use it until air quality improves. Health officials point out that vacuums can “stir up particles” that your home contains.

After the Fire

Once the fire threat has receded and air quality improves, there are still some measures you should take to stay safe. For instance, check out this fact sheet from the EPA regarding protection from ash. And if you suspect your home’s air ducts may be clogged, then don’t hesitate to call a professional company for an inspection and cleaning.

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