Can It Massively Lower Your Winter Heating Bill?

Old Man Winter doth approach. In fact, our friends in the northeastern states got a taste of his menace the week before Halloween, when a Nor’easter dumped a surprising “early snow” over unsuspecting would-be trick-or-treaters.

Even if you live here in the Bay Area, you are still in northern hemisphere, and you still can face significant heating costs, if you don’t prepare effectively for the cold weather. Indeed, the Alliance to Save Energy estimates that some homeowners can spend $5,000 or more every year to keep their indoors comfy and cozy.

Fortunately, basic maintenance can slash your heating bill significantly. Here are some tips from Alliance to Save Energy spokesperson, Kateri Callahan, taken from an article from NY1’s Consumer Watch:

• Once a month, you should check and clean those furnace filters, or replace them if they are disposable, to enhance efficiency.


• “Seal up those cracks and gaps…all the little places where air coming in equates to having an open window… a 3 feet by 3 feet open window.”


“Look for drafts by lighting incense.” (and if you live in the Bay Area, you are in luck, as Northern California is probably one of the leading suppliers of incense in the U.S.!) “to identify gaps and drafts. Basically, you light the incense, and if the smoke goes straight up, the room is sealed effectively. If it billows out to a side, it might indicate a draft.” Callahan posits that this technique can shave your heating bill down by 20% or more.


• “A home energy auditor can do all sorts of tests (using) infrared guns…(and other) latest technologies.”


If you want to get started right away with a proper course of maintenance, the East Bay area heating, air conditioning (HVAC) professionals at B.A. Morrison can help you make smart decisions, save money, protect the environment, and keep your family comfy, cozy and happy throughout the season – not to mention allergy free, as well.

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