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If you are considering installing a forced HVAC system, then it’s likely that you’re looking for answers – beginning with what exactly is forced HVAC. These are the most popular air systems in America due to many numerous benefits. But do you even know if this is the right air system for your home? Don’t worry; will help you figure that out as well, so keep reading!

What are forced-air HVAC systems?

These air systems belong to categories that use a heat pump or furnace to generate heat before dispersing it around the house through in-room vents and ductwork. If you set the temperature with the thermostat, the system will suck in cold air from your home; pass it through its air filter, removing impurities and allergens like pollen in the process. It will then blow the air through its handler where the air will receive warmth from the furnace and spread it around the home via a blower motor. This is primarily how a standard forced-air HVAC system works.

Three things to know about forced-air HVAC

  1. They provide excellent comfort and energy efficiency

These systems are renowned for improving the quality of air indoors. Forced-air systems come with a certain type of furnace filters that systematically trap impure airborne particles and allergens that might make your family fall sick or give them general breathing problems. These systems also come with high energy efficiency ratings so that you don’t end up spending hundreds of dollars in electricity bills every month.

  1. They provide combined heating and cooling

This is the only HVAC system that combines the mechanisms of both heating and cooling. Thanks to the ductwork, the heating system of your HVAC can also centrally pass air conditioning around your house. So, no need to spend on two different systems when one can take care of the job just fine.

  1. They can sometimes distribute air unevenly

Okay, this is indeed a disadvantage. Because forced-air HVAC systems rely on vents and ducts to circulate air, it might end up unevenly distributing air in your home if they get blocked. Obstruction by furniture and poor vent placement are two reasons that often prevent proper airflow.

When should I install a forced-air HVAC system?

While there is no “perfect time” that anyone should abide by, we would recommend you to try and install the system the next time you carry out a home renovation. And if you’re in need of reliable forced-air HVAC technicians, give BA Morrison a call! We are East Bay remodeling, property maintenance, and HVAC installation company that can take care of all of these needs you may have. Give us a call at (510) 538-9817 or contact us online 24/7.

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