Whether you’re remodeling the kitchen in your high styling Castro Valley condominium or gutting and rebuilding a guest chateau in Wine Country, give some to consideration to investing in walk-in showers. 

Bay Area General Construction and Remodeling is taking off with the invasion of walk-in showers!

Why bother? Here are 4 reasons:

1. You shower every day (or at least you probably should!)

Assuming that you spend 15 minutes every day in a shower, that means you spend approximately two to three hours in the shower on average a week… or 150 hours per year. Assuming you live in your home for the next ten years, that comes out to around 1,500 hours – or around 60 days! And if you are one of those people who likes to enjoy a really long shower – an hour or so a day instead of the standard 15 minutes – we’re talking about four times as much time: 240 days’ worth of your time! The point is: You use the shower a lot, so make it a place that you love to be.

2. Installing a gorgeous walk-in shower can add significant value to your home.

When remodeling your Castro Valley home, you need to pick and choose where to improve. There is a reason why improving a shower can boost the value of your property – see point #1 for a hint!


3. The increased relaxation/privacy can have profound de-stressing effects.

Think about the most soothing, relaxing moments of your day. Odds are, they take place in your shower. Imagine if you could increase the overall soothingness of your shower by just 10% or 15% by investing in a high quality walk-in. That 10% to 15% difference in stress reduction would almost certainly carry through your day, reduce your cortisol levels, and improve your overall well being.

4. It’s easier than ever (and more cost effective) to make this addition with BA Morrison.

Get in touch with the licensed, certified, and highly credential team at B.A. Morrison to explore the best options for your Castro Valley Kitchen  remodeling project. Our family-owned team deeply understands best practices, and we can complete your project on budget and on spec. 510-538-9817 


img source: showertallenclosures.org

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