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Tips from an East Bay Building Contractor

Apart from holding outdoor parties and lazing around in the pool, the summer weather makes it a perfect time to catch up on some home renovation projects. Home remodeling projects can range from minor repairs to major projects. While you will incur some costs on all of them, they are an effective way of improving your home’s value.

The top 10 home renovations projects that are perfect for summer include:

1. Improve your landscape

Landscaping is almost always at the top of most summer home improvement lists. You can lay a new lawn, plant some flowers or shrubs, and trim the trees.

2. Install fans

Adding ceiling fans is an effective way of cutting down on the energy consumed by your HVAC. Ceiling fans also improve your home’s air circulation.

3. Replace your windows with energy-efficient ones

Summer is the perfect time to replace drafty windows for energy-efficient ones. These do a better job at keeping your house cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

4. Remodel the kitchen

As it is easier to cookout during the summer, this is the perfect time to engage your Castro Valley kitchen remodeling service provider. Depending on your budget, you can do such things as updating your kitchen cabinets, upgrading your appliances, and redoing the surfaces and floor.

5. Renovate your bathroom

You can have your East Bay building contractor re-do the flooring in your bathroom, install a glass shower door, update your bathroom fixtures, clean up caulk and grout, and so on.

6. Spruce up your front door

An easy way of sprucing up your door is by either washing it up or repainting it. If it’s too old, consider replacing it. After you are done, add potted plants on either side as well as a new doormat.

7. Repair your HVAC

Summer is the perfect time to have your HVAC inspected and routine maintenance done. HVAC maintenance tasks include replacing the air filters, check its wiring, upgrade its thermostat, and clean the unit.

8. Do some painting

Painting is an easy and inexpensive way of renovating your home, as most of it can be done without professional assistance.

9. Clean up the gutters and downspouts

Summer storms can mean clogged gutters and downspouts. Scoop out all the dirt and debris from your gutters and use a water hose to test their efficiency once you are done.

10. Repair your fence and gate

Does your fence or gate look worn, damaged, and outdated? Replacing or repairing them would be an easy way of improving your home’s look.

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