Spring Is In the Air:

Get Your A/C Serviced Soon!

Most homeowners take their HVAC and air conditioning equipment for granted. Truth be told, modern, sophisticated heating pumps and A/C unit can robustly withstand a lot and keep their efficiency. But even the best machines out there will degrade. An average A/C unit, for instance, might lose five percent of its capacity annually. Thus, say you built your home with a 14 SEER unit A/C several years ago. Today, that unit might only function at 10 SEER capacity.

The Cost of ComplacencyHuman beings have a strong tendency to react to events instead of to plan for them. Think back to when you were in school and you procrastinated writing a paper until the 11th hour. Homeowners also procrastinate. But this has real and tangible costs. For instance, if you fail to adjust and troubleshoot your A/C annually, your unit could catastrophically break down during a heat wave. Not only will you and your family be very uncomfortable, but you will also have to pay huge repair costs out of pocket.Take the initiative now – before it gets super hot outside – to tune up your A/C and boost the efficiency of the unit, so you save on your monthly energy bills.

What Goes on During a Yearly A/C Checkup?

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America recommends that A/C owners adjust the belts, examine the compressor’s amp draw, fill up coolant (if necessary), add oil to the fan motors, clean out the condensing unit coils, and change filters. Your technician may also suggest that you improve the air flow in your house by, for instance, trimming bushes and trees near the A/C’s outside unit (to avoid blockage) and search for creative ways to improve air circulation in your home to avoid wasting energy.

During hot summer days, you can also reduce cooling costs by:

  • keeping your windows closed while the A/C is running;
  • tolerating a little more heat during extremely hot days;
  • staying hydrated;
  • keeping the shades closed to block out the sun from heating up your home.

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